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LIFE Episode 0009


Fireworks bursting and the sound of them popping covering the area. A momentary light runs through the darkness, lifting the shape of the capital. A large flower that blooms in the night sky. People cheered from all over. I feel a wave of distant sounds over my back. It filled the lively parlor with peaceful laughter. A tatami room with a traditional fragrance. Smoke from mosquito coils mingle faintly, bringing out the summer vibe. And the music of the shamisen takes us back to an ancient time. I look at you as I amuse myself with flower cards. Smiling bitterly, you stare at your hand. I naturally smile at the sight of him enjoying himself. An ancient city that has carved a long time. It might be an insignificant moment in comparison. But if it's going to be a quality time for you. An important moment for me, too. May this time be full of color.

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