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LIFE Episode 0003


The moonlight shines into the dark night, revealing steep rock peaks. There are few creatures on the desolate land. Only Hiryu plays in the sky, blowing the wind. I turn to the window and check for Hiryu. I wonder if she played to her heart's content. Looking out into the distance, a small shadow is actively moving about. It doesn't look like he's going to come back yet. I meddle in this world by magic. With a single word the demon takes the form of a bird and descends to his fingertips. Swing a tact and a fire spirit appears to light the room. Just be careful how you use magic, too. They have intentions, too, and if they behave roughly, they will rebel. They are important partners. And so is Hiryu. The air quivered, and the sound of flapping gradually approached. It's almost time for bed. I grasp the tact and rise to meet Hiryu. Magic is not a cure-all, it's a tricky world. That's why this world is so interesting.

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