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LIFE Episode 0008


If you listen, all you hear is the murmur of the trees and the sound of the birds. It mixes and takes me deep into the green. Sunlight pouring down from the sky became food for the breathing I make this forest move. I play with the flowers that wrap the room. Sometimes plucking on the guitar, enjoying an ensemble with nature. Plants have nothing to do with inside or outside. It connects the world with its constant activities. The bird paused with my finger as a perch. The moment the bird descends on me, I also become one with the forest. Sprouting plants and colorful flowers open their bodies to the fullest. It extends its life to land and then to the air. Little by little, you continue to make strides and devote yourself to it. The figure is strong and I am encouraged. This place is full of the power to live. I will live with this forest.

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