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LIFE Episode 0007

snowy mountain

A small village in deep snow. In that room, I spend my days warming up. The body heats up against the cold, and the cheeks are slightly red. There's not much you can do in a freezing environment. Still, with a touch of glamour, they make wreaths and wear seasonal outfits. At the window, I displayed a snowman I had received from a loved one. Thinking of that person in a lovely way, with a strange warmth. Meanwhile, winter envelops the village. and draped with overwhelming silver, scattered houses and sky-bound trees You barely add another color. Everything is tiny in front of this snow. The animals have also fallen asleep for a while, awaiting the arrival of spring. The fluttering ice crystals catch every sound. It brings silence to the mountains. This is the only quiet land that seems to be separated from the world. Putting myself in it, my mind sharpens.

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