life image number 6frame

LIFE Episode 0006


Sunlight hits the surface of the water far above, sparkling off. Part of it slips through the surface of the water to illuminate the space brightly. The sea is full of mystery. Light gradually dissolves into the water, and if you dive deeper and deeper, The landscape and the fish that live there change drastically. I'm sure there are creatures I haven't seen yet somewhere. I enjoy such a vast city of water here. A room with the same view as a fish. They approach cautiously from outside, peek into the room and leave. All sorts of creatures come into the room. Today an octopus came and landed in my hand. He stretched his legs here and there deftly and relaxed with his own face. I watch the octopus with a smile, trying not to startle it. From the point of view of the land, in the peculiar water. Water creatures may see the land and feel something similar. Both together, a strange world.

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