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LIFE Episode 0005


The world of stars is endless. It spreads everywhere, and there is no one look that is the same. In the darkness that breathes everything, there is a star that shines brightly. Some stars have huge rings that engulf the material around them. Those innumerable stars fold together to create patterns of light. I let myself go on a boat trip, watching the changing landscape. I wonder how far I've come since I got on. How much longer will it take to reach my destination? Restrain your enthusiasm and occasionally glance at your device for information. I had experienced gold stars and fiery red stars. But the star I'm going to next seems to have a slightly different atmosphere than the others. It is covered with white clouds around it and a brilliant blue on the ground. It is said to be a water planet inhabited by many living creatures. A blue star projected by the monitor at hand. Watching them, I look forward to their arrival. To Earth, an unknown planet yet to be seen.

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