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LIFE Episode 0002


I will soon graduate from high school. The season when cherry blossoms bloom to signal the arrival of spring. In the bright colors of the trees, the time for departure is approaching. with a mix of anticipation and a touch of loneliness. I wonder how many more days I can spend with my school friends. The trophies that decorate the walls are a medal of my student life. Books overflowing and piling from the shelves are my precious footprints. As they soak in memories, I begin to prepare for a fresh start. Students are busy. I want to play with my friends and enjoy fashion. But more than that, I have a dream for the future. You have to make sure you do what you have to do. It is I who choose my path. A world where flowers dance and begin to move brilliantly. My mind rushes away, imagining a future yet to be seen.

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