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LIFE Episode 0013


A place in the woods. This is my secret workshop. Binoculars are one of my most important tools. Dinosaurs can be seen from a distance. I walk around and survey the ecology and return to this room at the right time. That's my daily life. Check out my collection hanging on the wall. The miniatures and drawings are so cute. Surrounded by plants, you'll feel a bit like a dinosaur. From time to time, dinosaurs came curiously by. He looks at me with startled eyes. Is it curiosity or caution? No matter how much you like it, the same is true for me. Me and the dinosaurs, proper distance is important, too. Feeling the large visitor's gaze, I make my next plan. When she leaves, it's my turn to go out. Where shall we go today? Maybe I'll look for a new spot. There are a lot of interesting things in this forest. A life of coexistence, never far away, is likely to continue for a while.

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