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LIFE Episode 0012


Many people are coming to the clinic again today. The waiting room is bustling with people of all ages coming and going. The content also varies widely. I talk to each person and prepare for the doctor's examination. Take out the little bottles and equipment and go this way and that. Calm down, calm down even in a rush. And even though he couldn't see his face, he still smiled there. Even children can come to the doctor with peace of mind. What is important for a person to get well and gain from their own strength and hard work. All I can do is offer a small helping hand. If you can get back on your feet any time soon, what I do means a lot. A person leaves the room after a medical examination. He leaves looking as if he has unloaded one of his burdens. And new patients coming in. To make as many people as possible smile. With so much love for this world.

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