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LIFE Episode 0001

sky lantern

I think about today as a special day. Away from my daily life, and I was finally fascinated by this city where I visited on a trip This is a festival with a deep history, where reverence and gratitude for nature are lit up and flown in the sky. Countless lanterns give off light and rise slowly. I became a part of this magical moment and tried to integrate myself into the landscape. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I rest my body and leave it to a variety of my emotions. The joys and pleasures I felt in a distant foreign land. My heart grows warm as I live in the moment. The sun has set and the world is enveloped in a deep blue. As the night breeze washes away the town's heat, the festival lights are still seen outside the window, reflecting the thoughts of the people. Let's walk around this city some more during the stay. What a day tomorrow will be. While enjoying the moment, we are also excited about the future we have not yet seen. Peacetime slowly goes by in my own world.

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